Parallel Crossing: Performative Architecture February 22. SAT→23. SUN

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Intersection project, College of Art, Nihon University
‘Program For the Promotion of Culture and Art by Utilizing University for the fiscal year 2013’


Exhibition “Parallel Crossing: Performative Architecture”


A performative exhibition with spatial images, projected images, bodily images, soundscape and text.
A Two day exhibition with a large circular installation at the University Theater, College of Art, Nihon University.



February 22. SAT→23. SUN 12:00→17:00

The middle hall, College of Art, Nihon University






Public talk

February 22. SAT 14:00→15:00

Kenjiro Hosaka[Curator of the National Museum of Modern Art]

Tomoko Mukai[Associate professor, Department of Design]

Yasuhiro Kumagai[Professor, Department of Theatre]


February 23. SUN 14:00→15:00

Shutaro Mukai [Professor Emeritus, Musashino Art University]

Tomoko Mukai



Junjun[Choreography + dance]

Miya Kim[Choreography + dance]

Ayako Terauchi[Reading]

Narumi Saito[Dance]


Project members

Tomoko Mukai[Art direction + spatial visual images]

Kunitoshi Okuno[Video images]

Satomi Tanaka[Photography]

Hiroshi Kawakami[Sound design]

Yasuhiro Kumagai[Dramaturg]

Hiroshi Aikawa[Science of literature]

Julian Manning[Cultural anthropology]

Ippei Ogura[Sound creation]

Shiro Yamamoto[Technical direction]


*Performers will appear randomly during the period of the installation.

*According to circumstances, the opening time of the exhibition may be delayed.

*The program may be subject to unannounced changes in unavoidable circumstances.



Adult: 1000 Yen

Stundent: Free


*Please purchase your tickets at the venue on the day of the performance.

*It it is possible to exit and re-enter the venue during the event, so please retain your ticket stubs.

*In case of overcrowding, people will be admitted in order of ticket number.

*Children under school age will not be admitted.


Organized by Nihon University

Cooperated by Owl Spot Theater [Toshima Performing Arts Center],

Nishi- Sugamo Arts Factory, Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse Number1

Supported by Seiko Epson Corp.

Cooperated for public relation by HiWood



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