Showcase #1 Exhibiting Music
December 20. SAT→23. SUN 12:00→17:00

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Intersection project, College of Art, Nihon University
‘Program For the Promotion of Culture and Art by Utilizing University for the fiscal year 2014’

Showcase #1 Exhibiting Music


Would it be possible to provide opportunities to experience musical pieces in the time and place we can visit freely like an art exhibition? “Exhibiting Music” is derived from such an idea.

In our project, we have produced high quality video works of several pieces of contemporary music in cooperation with composer, players, sound engineers, film director and film engineers of the Nihon University College of Art.

The videos are played repeatedly and shown simultaneously in several rooms. In addition, mini concerts, workshops and a public talk are included as parts of the exhibition. Please visit each room freely and stay there as long as you wish. The exhibition might be demonstrating a new approach of experiencing music of our time. Hope you will be exposed to new possibilities of musical presentation at the College of Art, Nihon University.



December 20. SAT→23. SUN 12:00→17:00

Ekoda Campus, College of Art, Nihon University
Small Musical Hall and Musical Teaching Rooms C1 – C3 on the 5. and 6. Floor in the south building

Entrance fee: free

Exhibition with video works of contemporary music

[Video works of each music piece are replayed in different rooms.]

Hiroyuki Itoh
“Salamander II”
for soprano recorder solo
Tosiya Suzuki[Recorder / Lecturer, Department of Music]

“Yoru no Niji” (Night Rainbow)
for vocal ensemble
Ryuta Nishikawa[Conductor]
Vox humana[Chorus]

“Miyama no Tori” (Birds of the Woodland Silence)
for 20-stringed koto and recorder
Nanae Yoshimura[20-stringed koto]
Tosiya Suzuki[Recorder]

John Cage
Four pieces from “Sonatas and Interludes”
Ami Fujiwara [Prepared piano / Lecturer, Department of Music]

Brian Ferneyhough
“Unity Capsule”
Tosiya Suzuki[Recorder]

Rui Ogawa[Lecturer, Department of Music]
for electronics and piano

Video works:
Kunitoshi Okuno[Director]
Nobuhiro Masuda[Photography]
Kenta Nomura[Assistant director]
Gen Yoshikawa[Lighting / Technical staff, Department of Broadcasting]
Koichi Kaibe[Photography /Assistant, Department of Cinema]
Mai Yonemura, Zen Horiuchi[Assistant / 4. year student, Department of Cinema]
Takato Usui, Rikido Murayama[Assistant / 2. year student, Department of Cinema]

Sound recording:
Hiroshi Kawakami[Sound director]
Daisuke Komazawa[Sound mixer / Lecturer, Department of Music]
Yuki Mito[Sound editor]
Kenshiro Yasui[Sound editor / Assistant, Department of Music]


1:Showing Preparation of Piano

December 20. 11:00→13:00
Ami Fujiwara

2:Demonstration of new zombie instruments

December 21. 11:00→12:30
Taro Yasuno[Lecturer, Department of Music]

Mini concert

1:Music for Prepared Piano of John Cage

December 20. at 14:00→, 15:00→, 16:00→
John Cage Several Pieces from “Sonatas and Interludes”
Ami Fujiwara [Piano]

2: World of Naoko Hishinuma

December 21. at 13:00→, 14:30→
“On a Full Moon Night” for children VS “On a Full Moon Night” for piano
: Things behind My Works

Ami Fujiwara[Piano]
Maki Ota[Soprano]
Naoko Hishinuma [Concert Talk / Lecturer, Department of Music]

[A mini concert lasts about twenty to thirty minutes. The same program is repeated.]

Public talk and discussion

December 21. SUN 16:00→
Kenichiro Matsumura[Associate professor, Tokyo University of Technology]
Hiroshi Kawakami[Professor, Department of Music]


Department of Design, College of Art, Nihon University
Address:College of Art, 2-42-1 Asahigaoka Nerima-ku Tokyo, 176-8525

*The program may be subject to unannounced changes in unavoidable circumstances.

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Production and Organized

Production: Hiroshi, Kawakami, Hiroyuki Itoh, Kunitoshi Okuno, Tomoko Mukai
Organized by Nihon University


Department of Design, College of Art, Nihon University
Address:College of Art, 2-42-1 Asahigaoka Nerima-ku Tokyo, 176-8525

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